Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Over on my other blog, I'm shifting focus a little, trying to be more original with a topic I'm familiar with.

African football is not my strong suit. I'm in the process of learning, trying to read as much as I can, educating myself before I go out there.

Unfortunately, I find that with my limited time, I'm simply regurgitating articles I find on the Internet, not offering enough opinion or insight.

So I'm shifting focus some.

There'll be times where I'll cut and copy something I find interesting. I want to share the wonderful world of African football with all of you.

But in doing that, I'll offer more insight, more of my commentary in the text.

What I really need to do is hop on a plane and just go to Africa. Unfortunately, I can't do that at the moment. But in due time, all comes to those who are patient. If you'll be patient with me, you'll be rewarded with some 'hard-hitting' journalism about the Beautiful Game in Africa.

I don't want to lose sight of what I'm trying to accomplish here.
Ultimately, my goal with this blog is to get to South Africa and the 2010 Final game. I'm spreading the word, getting people interested, hoping to make my way there, by hook or crook.

What I'd love to do is help someone out along the way. Have a charity to support and raise money for, create awareness through the game of football, write about some of the wonderful people I encounter along the way, share my experiences in what I'm learning is a complex, beautiful, misunderstood continent.

And maybe I can learn to write along the way (that was quite a run-on sentence before).

And maybe, just maybe I can get into the World Cup Final.

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