Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on Kenya-Swaziland

Apparently, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) doesn't care that Kenya's been suspended for five months and isn't prepared to play an African Cup of Nations qualifier.

The CAF turned down Kenya's request to postpone their qualifier against Swaziland March 24th. Kenya hired a new coach yesterday (read yesterday's entry) and haven't had time to prepare.

"We have just received a reply from CAF and the answer is 'no'," said Kenyan Football Federation (KFF) secretary Sammy Obingo.

"We will go ahead with our preparations and play the match on March 25th instead of the intended date of March 24th to avoid a clash with the World Cross Country Championships in Mombasa."

Isn't that unfair? Kenya's been on the sidelines for five months, haven't had a coach, haven't trained together, are bottom of their qualification table and to top if off, CAF hands them this nice present.

'Here, you need help getting up? Let me lay my foot on your neck so it's easier.'

Good job, CAF! Thanks for nothing!
You want to repair the game in Kenya? Give them the two weeks they're seeking to gather themselves and give the squad a fair shot!

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tomlegg said...

Couldn't agree with you more!

It was only two weeks ago that CAF officials were in attendance at the FIFA led discussions on implementing plans to improve the state of Kenyan football, what has changed in two weeks!? As soon as FIFA's backs are turned CAF seem happy to dig a knife firmly in the back of Kenyan football!

Mr Hayatou, thanks... thanks allot you FAT BASTARD!