Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stability for Kenya?

Jacob 'Ghost' Mulee confirmed his decision today to coach the Kenyan national football team, known as the Harambee Stars, after meeting the Kenyan Football Federation (KFF) Monday.

Mulee used to coach the squad, between 2003-2004 and was again the head man in 2005 even though he never actually coached the team during that time.

'When duty calls, you have to do it,' Mulee told BBC Sport Monday.

Mulee's currently the coach of the seven-time Kenyan league champions, Tusker. Once his contract runs out with Tusker, he'll sign a deal with the KFF. Until then, he'll head up the Harambee Stars on a part-time basis.

The KFF is also looking to postpone their March 24th date with Swaziland.

'We have asked the Confederation of African Football for a postponement to have the game delayed by three weeks,' Mulee said. 'We are coming back from a ban & so postponement would be very good for us.'

Mulee, who led Kenya to its only victory in a Nations Cup finals match at Tunisia in 2004, also said how FIFA's lifting of their ban has raised the spirits of Kenya's football community.

'Everybody's happy, especially the players,' Mulee (pictured, right) said. 'We need to put our foot on the ground now and solve the uncertainty in the administration of Kenyan football once and for all.'

In 2005, a dispute in the upper echelon of Kenya football resulted in Mulee's hiring as national team coach by one faction of the KFF only for a different section to overrule the decision.

One can only hope the appointment of Mulee will set the stage for full-blown stability in the Kenyan game. Once they get their house in order, the development of the game in Kenya can really take hold.

Two questions for readers:
- Why is the national team called the 'Harambee Stars'?
- Why is Mr. Mulee called 'Ghost'?


Anonymous said...

Harambee is a swahili word. It means to organize or pull together, usually in terms of a fundraiser after someone passes away, but could also be a football team putting their strengths together! Kind of ironic when you think about Kenyas struggles.
I hope they do become Harambee Stars!

djshoghi said...

I and Wikipedia agree with anon. Not sure about Ghost though. Too tired to try to look that one up