Friday, March 23, 2007

The Kenyan Football Situation

The Kenyan football situation simulates a bad television sitcom at times. One wonders if anyone could have written this stuff.

- Two competing football leagues.
- A 7-month FIFA ban.
- Constant instability at the Kenyan Football Federation (KFF).
- No helping hand from the Confederation of African Football (CAF).
- A FIFA overlord who drones on and on, pounding his soapbox, comparing basketball to football (see previous post 'Quick Bits' about this comedy routine).

So what's the latest hilarity to befall the East African nation?

Kenya plays Swaziland in a Group Six Nations Cup qualifier at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi on Sunday.

The stadium was rightfully shut down in 2005 following the death of a schoolboy and injuries to 15 fans stampeding to purchase tickets for a 2006 World Cup qualifer against Morroco.

A repeat of these ugly incidents looked imminent after the KFF announced that tickets would go on sale Sunday morning only hours before the match kicked off.
A case of history repeating itself ...

However KFF officials said security for the match had been beefed up and the manning of the stadium gates would be controlled by a local security firm to avoid manipulation by interested parties.

I don't know about you, but this sure sounds strange. How about selling tickets for a few days in advance? How about putting out the call weeks in advance to avoid calamitous situations like this? It doesn't take much.

People in Kenya are itching to see their Harambee Stars compete for the first time after a lengthy FIFA ban. Why not make it safe for them to watch the match?

I hope everything goes off without a hitch. The KFF's got a lot riding on this.

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