Thursday, March 22, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Valencia and The Offside

BREAKING NEWS out of Brooklyn Heights today as Cesar Benoit, proud writer of this blog, is pleased to announce his all-new Valencia CF blog on the super, incredible The Offside website!!

Please join Cesar at The Offside and read his ruminations on all things Che!

(For all you fans of my African blog, that means no more Valencia news here. And isn't that a good thing?)

Please join Cesar in making his Valencia CF blog the biggest thing in football history!

That's!! Hope to see you there! Don't you dare miss it!


Mary said...

Congrats on the new blog Cesar, and good luck to Valencia.


p.s. I remembered the name of the soccer book I was thinking of at Swift's, "How Soccer Changed the World." You've probably read it.

Jorge said...

I'm glad you're starting a separate blog for Valencia. Just more good stuff to read. I'll be making an appearance at Nevada Smiths for the Champions League game. Man Utd and Valencia play the same day, same time. Should be amazing.