Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2008 African Cup of Nations Qualifying

Qualifying resumes this week for the 2008 African Cup of Nations.

Automatic qualification is guaranteed to the top team of the 12 groups, while the top three runners-up in the groups (with four teams) will join them. In all, 16 countries will be represented.

This means that only one team has the chance of qualifying from Group 12, which has just three teams - Morocco, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Ghana qualified as hosts of the tournament.

Please click here to review the group standings.

Some of the big games include:

Group 2 - Egypt v. Mauritania.
Group 3 - Nigeria v. Uganda
Group 5 - Cameroon v. Liberia
Group 6 - Kenya v. Swaziland (see previous posts regarding this strange fixture)
Group 7 - Senegal v. Tanzania
Group 9 - Mali v. Benin
Group 10 - DR Congo v. Ethiopia
Group 11 - Chad v. South Africa
Group 12 - Zimbabwe v. Morroco (Zimbabwe really needs this game. Only one country qualifies from here.)

Now, how do I watch the games?


Bancha said...

Have you heard of the movie, Offsides?

It's an Iranian film about young women who try to sneak into a futbol game.

They have to sneak in b/c women aren't allowed into the games there.

I just read about it in the current issue of Time Out: NY.

Anonymous said...

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