Wednesday, February 7, 2007


A quick one here, to let you in on some info.

Here's an article from Paul Doyle about the Ghana-Nigeria derby in Brentford, England last night.
Looks like Brazil-Portugal wasn't the only game in town.

I love this line in the article regarding the swollen crowd trying to get into the stadium: 'Kick-off was delayed by 35 minutes to allow roughly 6,000 ticketholders to pass through the turnstiles and hundreds of non-ticket-holders to try to blag their way past Griffin Park's exasperated security staff. 'I've had four Nigerian sports ministers, 10 ambassadors, about 40 FA chiefs and f*ck knows how many players' brothers, wives and grannies," claimed one gatekeeper who was clearly out of his depth.' '

Spain play England today and I'm off to the local to watch it. It's a friendly and not worth too much, but I hope there aren't any racist chants along the lines of their last meeting at the Bernabeu a few years back. More on that later.

Also, the United States plays Mexico this evening in a friendly, if you can call it that. This is a fierce continental rivalry that culminated in a World Cup elimination match a few years back won by the Americans. If you want to get a taste of what a football rivalry feels like in your own backyard, tune into ESPN2 this evening at 9. Should be a good one.

Big news yesterday as a group of American businessmen bought the rights to Liverpool FC. This makes the third major English club to be owned by Americans (the others being Manchester United & Aston Villa). Interesting to see Americans taking an interest in English football. The investment money is there, as is the potential for growth. Let's see how this plays out for Liverpool. On a side note, great Americanized nickname for Liverpool, courtesy of the Guardian: the Mercyside Redskins.

Last bit of info concerns the transfer of centerback Roberto Ayala from my club, Valencia CF to local rivals Villarreal CF. It's a shame that such a quality player will ply his trade so close to home. It's like an ex-girlfriend dating your best friend weeks after your break-up. I think Valencia will rue the day they let Ayala go. But that's the way the ball bounces, so they say.

I'm off to wish the Spaniards (in particular, Valencia players David Villa, Fernando Morientes, David Silva, David Albelda & Miguel Angel Angulo) good luck. More to come.

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Jorge said...

Hey Cesar. Speaking of Ghana, one of our new security guards at work is from Ghana. He was telling me a little bit of his country and how he used to live close to their soccer stadium.
As for the situation in Italy, I'm totally in favor of the government's new approach, a bit Draconian but what else can be done? How many more people need to die before the government takes action? They should apply this same approach in other countries such as Argentina, where hooliganism at times is out of control. I'm enjoying your blog. Hope all is well.