Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Tidbit

I'm working again (finally!!) so it's a little harder to spend time on the writing.
Nevertheless, I'm still actively working towards the Africa goal, with the hope this new job will get me the money to get there. I need the money to buy a plane ticket, you see!

No, it's not a job at MLS. But the season hasn't started yet and my resume's just about dusted off. So there's a chance the Red Bulls might take an interest in my longing to work in football and snatch me up. Or ... I'll be here, quietly sneaking a post through the cracks while my boss talks on the phone in the next office.

So what do I have to say?

If you haven't seen this yet, this is the best goal of the first leg of matches in the Champions League. David Villa is the most complete striker in the planet at the moment. Mark my words, this gentleman is a future World Player of the Year. There's nothing he can't do, save headers. And with that, I'll try to keep my words about Valencia at a minimum. I'm excited, yes. But I'm also getting way off-topic. (Maybe I should start a separate Valencia blog? Thoughts? Opinions?)

In Africa news (about time, you say), the long-running dispute between FIFA and the Kenyan government over the organization of the sport in the country appeared to be heading for a peaceful conclusion after successful all-party talks this week.
About time. Kenya, already temporarily suspended by FIFA, faced a far longer ban over persistent troubles, but that now appears to have been averted.

Kenyan soccer has been in crisis for the past six months, with among other things, two rival domestic leagues competing at the same time.
Kenya also didn't honor certain agreements. The government responded by dissolving the federation.

If the talks are successful, Kenya can participate in the African Cup of Nations qualifying. There is hope after all.

I think my boss is off the phone. Time to get back to work. More later ...

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