Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Goals

So let's clarify what I'm doing here:
I'm writing this blog for expression, to get my voice out, to let everyone know what I'm doing.
At the same time, I'm trying to get to South Africa in 2010. Easier said than done, right?

To that end, let me tell you some of the ways I'm thinking I'll get there.

1- A book.
If I can travel to Africa later this year as I intend, I'd like to write a book about African football. It's a subject that really interests me. Granted, I don't know much about Africa, it's history or it's obsession with football. But I'm getting there. I'm reading some fascinating books on the subject and talking to people. Besides, I'll learn as I research the book. I'll watch games, I'll chat with people. I'll experience everything I want to learn. Isn't that the best way, anyways?
The books main theme is still sketchy to me. It could be about my adventure in getting to the final. Or it could be more of an historical, cultural exploration of African football and society. Or it could be a combination of both. I'm not sure. I think my ideas about this will cement more once I get to Africa.

2- A job with MLS
I'd love to work with Major League Soccer. I'm American, I'm passionate for the game and I've a lot to offer. My communication skills, my writing talent (I think?) and my vigorous love of the game. Does this sound like a pitch? Yes. Someone hire me, please! (Maybe this should be my goal? More on this later ...)

3 - Volunteering
I've got some interesting options in this arena. I'll share more about this later. There are great people out there doing wonderful work for the children of Africa. Grassroots Soccer and their establishment come to mind. I'm looking into this possibility. There is also the idea of eventually working towards establishing a football academy in East Africa. This is a goal for post-2010, but it's something I'm interested in. I also think the ideas for this will cement themselves more once I make my way out to Africa.

4 - Get everyone involved (The 6 Degrees of Separation rule)
They say everyone in the world is separated by six degrees. Six people. I'm six people away from the President of the United States. We're connected through our relationships with at most six people.
So maybe I can use this rule to my benefit. Maybe someone out there knows Sepp Blatter, for instance? (Mr. Blatter's the FIFA President ... almost as important as President Bush. No, really.) Or someone knows Thabo Mbeki, the President of South Africa. He's referred to my blog by someone in his inside circle who is a few degrees away from me. He likes what he reads and invites me to write about the 2010 Cup. Voila! I'm at the Final.
My idea's this: I personally contact the head of every African FA (football association) explaining myself and my project. Through my meetings, I hope to learn more about the game and get an inside view of the preparations for the 2010 Cup. I figure I've got nothing to lose. If no one gets back to me, ok. I'll be disappointed, but at least I tried. If I get some responses, even better. How great would that be? An inside view of the development towards 2010. It's a longshot, but isn't this whole idea a longshot?

5 - Buying a ticket to the game
This would be the easiest way to get there. Just buy a ticket to the game. But this could be hard. For starters, a ticket to the game would probably cost me quite a bit. Also, demand will be through the roof.
But, how fun would that be? I might as well give up the idea of the blog now if I want to do that. There's no romance in this option, no struggle, no fight to get somewhere redeeming. The whole point of this is that I'll go after this goal tooth-and-nail for 3.5 years and at the end, if I'm at the game, great. If I'm not, at least I tried.
If all else fails, I'll buy a ticket. But this is the very last option. I'd much rather get there some other way.
(Let's be clear about what I mean. I intend to purchase a ticket to the game. I'm talking more about the journey to the game. I'd rather go at it this way, make it an adventure. Write a book, help some people out. Sure, I'll buy a ticket. I just hope not to have to take a loan out to buy a ticket to the game.)

All of these will help me get to the final. Writing a book about my goal will hopefully lead me to the big game. Volunteering will expose me to Africa, help people and give me a great view for my book. Working for MLS will expose me to people who can assist with my goal. And I can also help get our team to South Africa. And being invited would be delicious.

So after all is said and done, there's a lot I'd like to accomplish. I hope the relations I make in the interim will help me reach my goal. Knock on wood, this blog can serve as a vehicle to advertise my aspirations. I hope I can help a lot of people with my project. And maybe someone out there can help me get to the big game.

It's a small world after all, no?


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to know where your head is. I think you have a great plan... a 'mission' as my mom put it, and there is no reason that it can't play out the way you have imagined it!
I am entirely confident that you will make this happen, C!
(Nice plug for a job, BTW...now you just need the reader's!!!)
I love you and I do believe in you. So, 2010 World Cup Final, here we come!!! (Will you buy my ticket too?)

Jorge said...

It's great to know someone who shares that same passion for futbol. It's more than just a game. It has the power to define a culture. For many, it represents hope. I want to wish you the best in pursuing your dreams. Perhaps one day when I make it to Washington, I'll try to pull some strings for you. lol. I enjoy your writing. Looking forward to your future posts and the book. Hope all is well.
Amunt Valencia
Amunt United

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)